Welcome to Tenakee Springs!


Tenakee Springs is a small community of about 100 people located on Chichagof Island in Southeast Alaska.


The town features a bath house with a 105 degree sulfur hot mineral spring for public bathing, several large historic structures including Snyder Mercantile, The Shamrock Building and the newly restored St Francis Chapel., a Community Center, a Fire Hall, a boat harbor and a wonderful school facility.


The word Tenakee is from the Tlingit word “tinaghu”, meaning “Coppery Shield Bay.” This refers to three copper shields, highly prized by the Tlingits that were lost in a storm.


Tenakee Springs has a maritime climate with cool summers and mild winters. Summer temperatures range from 45 to 65; winters 24 to 39. The highest recorded temperature is 84, and the lowest recorded temperature is 3. Total precipitation averages 69 inches a year, with 62 inches of snow.

Early prospectors and fishermen came to the site to wait out the winters and enjoy the natural hot springs in Tenakee. Today Tenakee is enjoyed by both full and part time residents plus visitors looking for some peace and tranquility that goes along with the laid back lifestyle, the beauty of the inlet and the friendliness of the local residents.