Activities in Tenakee Springs


Hiking- There are great hiking trails that lead out of Tenakee. Some of these trails meet up with abandoned logging roads that snake through the island for hundreds of miles. You can hike from one end of Chichagof island to the other.


Hunting- Chichagof Island is the home to many Sitka blacktail deer as well as a more than our share of brown bear.


Fishing- Tenakee Inlet is home to all five species of salmon, halibut, cod and a variety of deep water rock fish. Fishing is a local favorite.


Kayaking- Some days you’ll find glass calm waters, every day you’ll find views that are breathtaking, whales, seals, sea otters, sea lions, and much more marine life in Tenakee inlet.  Kayak rentals are available through Fishing Bear Charters/Tenakee Eco Tours - phone 736-2350. 


Sailing- See one of the most beautiful places from the vantage point of the water. Sailing is popular in Tenakee.


Bird Watching- Hundreds of species of birds are always prevalent in and around Tenakee. Bring your binoculars.


Whale Watching- The whales love Tenakee inlet due large quantities of bait fish. Listen to the whales call, watch them breech and bubble feed. It’s a spectacular experience.


Therapeutic bathing – The 105 degree mineral water you’ll find in the bath will relax your sore muscles after a day of activity, rest your mind and help you find inner peace. The bath is a healing experience enjoyed by many.